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    Japan and the Snow-Covered Landscape

    Niigata is a world in itself, but what I remember is the snow. I boarded the train before dawn. Tokyo’s Shinkansen speeds along at 200 miles per hour. The countryside ...

    On July 22, 2016 / By
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    A Night at the Jazz Showcase

    There’s something about jazz that goes hand in hand with travel. Travel was a major part of the Jazz Age. The greatest writers of history divided their time ...

    On June 30, 2016 / By
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    Rainy Weather, Delayed Flights, Flying Stewardesses

    Southern weather is always a bit unpredictable. If you don’t like the rain, give it five minutes. Or in yesterday’s case, an hour and a half. When the ...

    On June 27, 2016 / By
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    One Year

    At this time last year, I set foot on American soil for the first time in six months. (Well, not really. I did visit an embassy while abroad, ...

    On June 2, 2016 / By
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    The Best Travel Songs

    There are certain songs that inspire a sense of longing in us. These songs open our ears to the calling of the open road, igniting a wanderlust you ...

    On November 30, 2015 / By
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    It’s nearing October. It’s been almost four months since I returned from my travels. I’ve spent my time reading, catching up on television, video games, and more. I ...

    On September 25, 2015 / By
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    Coming Home

    On June 2, my flight touched down in Atlanta. For the first time in six months, I was home. It’s been a bit over a month since then. ...

    On July 6, 2015 / By
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    On Walking City Streets at Night

    Superstitious cultures once believed the night to be a portal to another world, a time when the walls between places were thinner and anything could happen. They weren’t ...

    On May 28, 2015 / By
  • Business in a Backpack
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    My Business in a Backpack

    One of my primary concerns when I began to form the idea of a lifestyle on the road was money. “How can I earn money while still traveling ...

    On May 17, 2015 / By
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    Cycling from Ibusuki to Sata-Misaki, Part Two

    This is the second part of a multi-post series. Find part one here. Edwin and I set out from Ibusuki the next morning, rising with the dawn to ...

    On May 11, 2015 / By